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Sliding Door Wardrobes

The majority of sliding door wardrobes are referred to as 'front frame' where the existing back and side walls and ceiling and floor are used as they are. A front frame is then made in which to put the doors and an interior built-in if required.

This type of wardrobe is very cost effective compared to the more pricey options mentioned beneath.


Full carcase wardrobes are comparatively very expensive and therefore a half way

house can often be to add a floor to the front frame wardrobe which a lot of our customers do. Or have the walls lined in the same finish as the rest of the wardrobe in 8mm or 18mm panel with a floor and front frame, the ceiling being left as it is.


The door trim and tracks on our sliding wardrobes are all aluminium, so no fear of

warping of going rusty as can happen with steel products.


Around 50 beautiful glass and wood effect door panel finishes are available of which

25 wood effect finishes can be used for the exterior framework or interior.


Decor bars can be placed upon a single panel door to change the look, if required, or a split panel/combination door can be made where up to 5 different panels can be inserted into the same door, its your choice.


Around 50% of customers like to have soft close added to their doors, this is an option for you if required.


We specialise in sliding doors for angled and sloping ceiling and walls. So if you have these types of spaces to deal with please let us know. If you require double-sided doors for ensuite situations we can provide these for you also.


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